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Buy Less choose well? 

Morning! I rarely blog about Fashion, because if I had a little sense of it, it’s gone lol! Those shades are one of the very few things that I’ve bought for me since my pregnancy ( 2 years and a half) yeeep! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I lost myself and I became a different me in a way. I’m not sure if is cultural or not but I believe in a way it is, but I was raised thinking that the higher the brand the better you look and the cooler you are. But when I moved to Canada, everything change. I started to meet people from different places around the world and realize how less they care about this. At the beggining I didn’t get them but now I do! I remember before I used to try to show the “good” things that I had, and now they are somewhere in my closet or storage and I am wherever bag it’s on my way and if I don’t find any I would use a plastic one from Superstore lol!! And it is not that I don’t like them anymore, it’s just that I really do not pay attention of what I wear! I realize yesterday that my shopping it’s being  forever21 and if I want to spend money I’ll go to H&M and when I feel like going wild I go to Zara lol!!!! ( and I ended up not buying anything for me again ). And I can really tell you exactly the 5 things that i’ve bought for myself in the last 2.5 years. Anyways, the whole point about this is that I wanted to share with you the story of this shades lol! I went to my hometown last year, and I was having some breakfast with my friends and next to the restaurant there was this store by a girl that I knew, her name is Luciana Balderrama and she is a Mexican designer from my hometown!! I am in love with all of her designs and she is getting kind of famous, a lot of artist and singers are using her designs!! That’s craaaazy! When we went to her store she was there, we said hi and Mia threw up ( of course ) in the middle of the store. If you are a fashionista, visit her instagram: lucianabalderrama you are going to love all her clothes! Happy Wednesday everyone!! 

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