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Oily hair ..

I’ve been suffering from oily hair my whole life. I’ve tried everything! Every products, every food, every treatment, every diet and nothing work better than these 3 shampoos. Seriously they changed my life! The first one that I tried and my fav it’s the matrix biolage cooling mint. I am not a huge fan of mint shampoos but this one let me hair super clean. Later on my father’s girlfriend recommend me the Paul Mitchell produts. She is a hair expert so I started trying them and I really like them. She gave me a huuuuge bottle for Mia a year ago and still alive! I was hesitating because all the chemicals, usually I was using the honest company shampoo for Mia’s hair but since I got this one for free I decided to use and so far so good and lately I decided to try this thikk wash shampoo which supposed to be more natural, parabens and sulphate free and all the things I like plus it takes all the oil away so more points for it! Another alternative that I would definitly recommend it’s dried shampoo!! I use it while I was on mat leave because I was super tired to do my hair everyday and it was my favourite product! I have no idea why I stop using it but I will come back to it soon! If you suffer the same try them! You will see how good they are! And if you  have more tricks please share them! Happy Friyay everyone! 

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