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Where to go in Vancouver.. Rosemary Rock Salt

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Where to go in Vancouver.. Rosemary Rock Salt

I’m so envy of those moms who can seat on a restaurant with their kids. Like seriously! How do they do it? On Saturday we went to one of our favourite neighbourhoods in van: Commercial drive. We love love the drive because it’s where me and francisco meet and we live there for the first year! I miss having all of those restaurants close by and the community tho! Anyways, i’ve been feeling weak and sick lately, and it was 5 pm and I was starving! So I told francisco to enter to the first place that we walk to, an Italian restaurant. We seat there but when we were ordering Mia started to walk away, the baby was crying, so Francisco gave up and told me to grab something to go and make a picnic in the park. So I walk away thinking I would ended up eating something unhealthy and feeling worse but ta taaan! Right next door I found this place that I didn’t see before! A new place ( at least for me) with some amazing bagels! I had to try them! I took a look at the menu and their fridge, everything there look yummi and healthy so I ordered the wild Salmon sandwich with some yam fries to go! Oh man! Soooo good and guilty free! I love having those healthy “fast food”Options! And the place is huuuge to go and seat with a group of friends, or enter with a huuuge double stroller like mine lol! They even gave me a coupon for a free bagel next time that of course I lost! Here is a pic of their menu and the amazing decor! Next time you go the drive stop by and tell them athenas from ilove604 sent you 🙂 happy Wednesday all! 

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