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Potty training part 3

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Potty training part 3

I NEVER write a blog post in the mornings, i’m too busy for this, but today I feel I really needed. I think i’m starting to understand this potty training thing, I know there is people that says that your kid should be ready in 3 days if you do it right, but I don’t agree with them! I tried that way and with us it didn’t work, even tho I follow the instructions correctly. I think that for my own peace of mind and my daughter’s peace of mind, the best thing is doing it slowly. I’ve been using pulls ups when we go outside because I cannot afford to put Mia in the shower o n e more time!!I spent 3 hours in the morning waiting for her to pee in the potty even tho I reeeally reaally wanted to have a nice shower and for the sake of Gad shave my legs so I can wear shorts in this ridiculous hot weather.. but that didn’t happen..I didn’t shave my legs AGAIN .. why?? because to have one more successful pee it was more important than to me dying wearing jeans in this hell. I wanted also to do my hair.. and look like those moms who reminds you that there is people that says there is time for everything or that you have the same hours as beyonce.. yeah I do have the same hours but not the same money lol!.. ok this post got interrupted by a 2 hour playground activity, lunch and house cleaning. I left Mia at the preschool, and I wasn’t sure if .. Options 1: I should shower, option 2: start a business or option 3: watch games of thrones.. but at the end I ended up cleaning by bedroom so I can come home to a nice clean bed.. isn’t so crazy that now and days is what I dream of? A nice clean bed with clean sheets.. no pee or vomit or anything.. fresh and clean sheets. They said we should learn from every chapter in our life.. and without a doubt I’m learning to appreciate the little things MUCH more! Like having time to make a nice breakfast, eaaaat breakfast with a nice talk, having to leave the house in peace, have a nice sleep without interruptions, watch your favourite serie seating in the couch with your husband by your side.. not wanting to kill your husband because he didn’t put his plate in the sink.. I have no idea how I went from potty training to my last comment lol!! Anyways Matias is crying now so I get to get back to work, cheers to all the moms out there!

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  1. Wish you good luck on your potty training journey :).

    1. Thank you so much! Still working on it!

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