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Newborn checklist.. 

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Newborn checklist.. 

With a little bit of free time, I guess it’s time to start with my newborn checklist. Our baby boy can arrive at any moment and as mentioned before i’m not prepared!! The good thing about being already a mom, is that you already know what you don’t really need and what is worth it to buy second hand, as they are not going to use it for more than 3 months lol! So let’s start from the beginning, baby need clothes, but this time i’m not getting as crazy as with Mia, because her newborn clothes she only used it once or twice top!! I spent so much money on new clothes and it wasn’t worth it at all! So this time I’ve buy some cute new clothes but also I have all the clothes that my friends doesn’t need anymore. 2- Blankets.. Another thing you need but one or two is more than enough! Mia seriously have 6 blankets and another 2 with the tags on that i’m planning to donate! 3-Burp cloths.. This is a must have! I still using Mia’s ones to clean out her face!! Lots it’s not enough! 4- breast pump and milk storage containers.. The pump I already have it and I love it! I totally recommend this to new moms as breastfeeding can be very painful at the beginning, having a break with the breastpump is the best thing And helps you to stimulate and get more milk. I rarely used the mil storage containers because I was open to give Mia some formula but if you are not then you need those. 5- Nursing bras: another thing that I love! I know people find them very ugly but My God they are the most comfy thing to wear! I’m using one right now lol!! My bras doesn’t fit anymore so this are perfect! 6- Breast Pads: yeep! If you decide to breastfeed this is another must have! 7- Diapers and wipes duh! 8- Bath: I received a bath on my baby shower and Mia was still having her bath time there until she became 2!! 9- Shampoo, soap: I love Honest company ones! 10- First aid Kid: must must have! You want one that comes with termometer, hair brush, tooth brush, and all the kid! 11- Car seat: yeep, on this one my thoughts is not to buy it new, because you’ll have to change it when she/he turns one, unless you find one that covers the 3 stages. 12- Crib: Mine I bought it used, and I’m glad I did because Mia only used it for 6 months. I only bought the frame use, I bought new matress, etc new. 13- Changing  Pad: mmm I have one and I love it but being honest I changed Mia diapers everywhere, the floor, my bed, it is nice to have one but don’t really neccesary. 14- Baby Carrier: Not really neccesary if you have a stroller but I love it! At least the first 6 months. 15- Stroller: very neccesary lol! One of the things I regret the most was not buying the travel system, I had to wake up Mia everytime I wanted to transfer her to the stroller, if you can buy a travel system better! And I think that is all! Now it’s time to start my shopping before this little one arrives. Happy Sunday all! 

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