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Playtime Pediatric Dentistry.. 

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Playtime Pediatric Dentistry.. 

Mia finally had her first dentist appoitment and it was all a success. I wanted to find something close to my home and with good reviews, so I found this place at Yelp and the 5 stars that they have are complety true!! I love the fact that they are specialize in babies/kids because everything in that place looks so welcome for them. Mia was super happy playing with all the fun toys that they have ..
  And let me speak about the amazing service!! As soon as I got there, a super friendly receptionist came and offer me water and coffee. They are all super friendly and even tho Mia started getting very annoying because it was her nap time, they were super patiente with her and always smiling! The place is so anazing with lots of lights and super cute!! Dr Ella gave me tons of good advices for everything! As a new mom I have no idea of when was the right time to bring Mia to the dentist, or how do I need to brush her teeth, or what is the best toothpaste. They were over all my questions while Mia was busy reading all their books and playing with all of those toys. Another great thing is that if you have insurance, they have direct billing, meaning you don’t have to pay they will do all the process directly with your insurance! ( I always try to look for those places, it takes me forever to have time to seat in the computer and claim my things lol ) another plus: they are open on Saturdays! So you don’t have to ask for a day off at work! I feel so lucky that I have this place just 3 min from my home! If you live in the South surrey/white rock area and you are looking for a dentist for your kids give them a call! And please say that Athenas sent you, so I can enter to the ruffle lol! Happy Monday everyone! 

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