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5 Instagram Female accounts that Inspire ME

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5 Instagram Female accounts that Inspire ME

When I go to Instagram for inspiration, I usually go to the same 6 accounts, and those 6 accounts happened to be female, almost all of them mothers and successful business Women. It is kind of a mix of famous and local, but this is my list, and my post.. lol

I do not know them, but on my perspective, I think we share the same values, the same hopes,  and what I love the most about those accounts, is that they bring something positive to share.. and if you don’t believe me.. check for yourself:

Amaris Arcus ( @lovelyblondecloset )

This girl is the most stylish in the lower mainland! And not to mention.. her KIDS fashion!! Her style is the perfect combination of casual and comfy, She totally nails every outfit she puts together!  ( I also LOVE her house décor tho! )

Rach Parcell ( @rachparcell )

I’m sure that if you are into Fashion or now fitness, you know who this girl is.. She is a HUGE source of inspiration when it comes to fashion and business for me. She takes fashion to all levels, from casual to elegant… She is not only a model for big brands but also for her OWN brand! ( How cool is that???!! ) I love watching her insta stories, and see her closet, her family and most of all, how she inspires women to be bold and take risks!

Keisha Lynne ( @LovingLittlesBlog )

When I think in motherhood, I immediately think of her. Her beautiful bright feed, with pastels touches and everything being soo “moments in motherhood” real. All those little details that she adds to her pictures! If you like girly, feminine, lovely feeds, this is for you!

Julie ( )

I started following this account just recently, And I’m obsessed! I go there to read about those true-life stories, of those strong women! I feel this account has soo much value and inspiration to women. Her photos, the quotes, they always left me inspired.

Jillian Harris ( @jillianharris )

Who doesn’t? I mean.. C’mon! I know you are as obsessed as me lol! Her Blog, Instagram, Vlog, Pinterest… it’s just like my dream come true! Her effortlessly cool lifestyle, her journey in motherhood, in business. I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of her feed that I didn’t like.

Monika Hibbs ( @monikahibbs )

Another famous Vancouverite! But she truly owns her success! Her website is FULL of inspiration and freebies! Her pictures are perfect, and she shares all of these tips to make your feed look as good as hers!

Are you as obsessed as I AM? I’ve already creeped all their Instagram accounts several times today for inspo LOL!

Let me know who are your favourite Female accounts inspo!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!



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