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Chelsy from Michael’s ( Langley bypass ) 

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Chelsy from Michael’s ( Langley bypass ) 

I really want to share with you what happened to me last weekend. I discovered Michael’s last year, when I was preparing everything for Mia’s first year. I wanted to do something original and over the top, so Michael’s was my thing. Last Sunday on mother’s day, my husband took me to Olive garden’s in Langley for lunch. The restaurant was sooo busy as expected so we decided to go for a walk in the little plaza while waiting for our turn. I saw there was a Michael’s so I went directly there to check some home decor, Mia was with me and she was screaming and this and that so I left the store and I left my purse! Yeep.. Then we went for our lunch etc. It took me almost a day to find out I didn’t have my bag wih me. I was so stress because I had lots of american cash in it, and you know how the dollar is right now lol! Plus Mia’s documents and more! So I called olive garden’s next day they said they didn’t have my bag, I was very stress all morning until I remembered I went to Michaels. So I called them and the manager, a super nice woman told me that she was trying to find me on facebook and waiting for me to call! She told me she knew I have lots of stuff and not to be worry that she will keep it safe until I can to and pick them up. I loove that there still nice and honest people out  there! I’ve never had bad experience here in Canada so far but I know people that they have, losing their stuff and never come back so thank you Chelsy ( not sure how to spell her name ) for being a great person and provide that awesome customer service! 

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