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Dia de muertos.. Day of the death

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Dia de muertos.. Day of the death

Ok i’m going to take a break feom my vacay to share with you one of our favourite Mexican traditions, dia de muertos or day of the death. This is my first time in this magic town called ” San miguel de allende ” in Mexico, is like 5 hours from Mexico city or Guadalajara, and I have to say I can’t believe I haven’t been here! This is the most magical, historical, comfortable town I’ve ever been. This place is amazing! Now I understand why lots of americans come and retire here. Yesterday there was a huuuge celebration of our mexican tradition, there were about 100 “catrinas” walking around the town, everything was looking sooo scary lol! The gothic church, the black sky, the music, seriously this is the perfect place to spend dia de muertos. The food, the service, everything is so great! It reminded me when I was a child and I was building my death family the beautiful ” altar de muertos”. We celebrate all the people we love or admire on this day. People bring mariachi to the graves, bottles of tequila, their favourite food. I’m so far from my grandama grave but if I were in Sinaloa I know my whole family would be there, praying and remembering her. If you want to visit a real Mexican town, where you don’t have to drive, if you like old fashion houses, real mexican food, this is the place to be! Time for breakfast for me! Can’t wait to share with you all the stories! 

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