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The most pretty guest bed ever! 

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The most pretty guest bed ever! 

It’s been a month since we moved to our new home! I can’t believe how fast the time is going! I haven’t be able to really decorade or do anything with the very low amount of hours that I have left during the day. I’ve been looking to buy a guest bed that it would have to be seating on Mia’s room. In our previous apartment we just to have one but I decided to leave it behind and try to find something that it would take less space in the second room, so when I saw this bed I instantly felt in love with it! It is kind of sofa-bed but it is really a single bed that converts in double! I think it looks so guirly and so perfect for a girls room! And the best part? It has drawers, where you can put all the annoying toys that are everywhere! We were thinking on getting it on craiglist until I found that it was expensier than to buy it on the store brand new!If you look for it on craiglist they sale it for $300-$400 but in the store right now it’s on sale for only $340!! If you want to know what bed I am talking about here is the link: ( I wanted to take a very nice pic, but hubby it’s already done so I don’t think he would build it for my pic lol! ) 

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