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Dealing with a new sibling.. 

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Dealing with a new sibling.. 

It’s not a secret that Mia is having a hard time adjusting to the new sibling, however I know i’m not alone. At the beginning I was blaming myself thinking that maybe I did something wrong or I didn’t prepare her well for this new chapter, but looking back I know I did everything I could and talking with other moms most of them told me they had the same experience. I’ve been listening to horrible stories that happened to them and most of them told me that i’m on the right track taking Mia to her activities in the morning so we can have some “US” time. During the long weekend my mom left back to Mexico and I knew I wanted to do something special for Mia, something the three of us, even tho we brought Matias with us, he was sleeping the whole time in the stroller, so we decided to take her to the Aquarium. She is being obsessed with Finding dory so we knew she would loooove the surprise. I know there is a lot of debate about the aquarium, but i’m neutral about this subject. I really love that she had the opportunity to see all the animals she watch on the cartoons ( yesss she watch tv, I know there is a lot of debate about that too lol! ) and to live that experience. We took her to the Seattle Aquarium when she was 3 months old ( I know, that was stupid) but I really like the Vancouver one more! They have thounds of animals, it’s super clean and big! For me was totally worth the trip, she was so happy and excited! And it felt good to dedicate an entire day for her, as the good old times. After that we hit Kits beach and spent our afternoon trying to find dory lol! It’s weird but after that day I can see lots of changes on her attitude about Matias. Now she wakes up in the morning and looks for him, maybe it’s because my mom it’s not here anymore but I can see that slowly she is accepting him and it makes me excited to visualize them playing together in a few months! 

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