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Victoria kids guide


We absolutely love going to the Victoria! The ferry ride, the walks around the marina, the restaurant, the people.. but when you go with kids it’s a whole different experience lol!

Last Wednesday we decided to go for an adventour, and this time I was by myself, so I asked one of my local friends to give me a kids guide to make this trip super fun! Thank you so much Christina, we had as always an excellent time! We were so lucky with the weather, I really wanted to bring the kids to this farm at the Beacon hill park, but they are closed for the winter, HOWEVER there is a very nice playground there that you hit if is a sunny day.. now if is a rainy day, you maybe would like to go to one of these place:

1-Bumble and Hive


We loveeee this place so much! and the reason why I love it is because it fits both, Mia and Matias age! they have lots of toys, a coffee area, super cute shirts, snacks, everything you would need! We spent like 3 hours there, and after that we hit the little market located in the same plaza. Their customer service is amazing and the perfect place for a coffee play date with your friends!

2-Flying Squirrel Sports


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If your kids/toddlers are as actives as mine, you would want to bring them for some jumping here! here is their website for hours of operation:

3-Esquimalt Recreation Center

If your kids like swimming, they are going to love this place!


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4- Victoria Bug Zoo

If you have an animal lover, who is not afraid of bugs..


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6- Greater Victoria Library


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If they are book lovers like my Mia, this is the place for you!

Where are your must go places in the island?



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