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Plant based diet.. 

Since yesterday I decided to try eat more plant based diet. And I said TRY because when I took the wellness coach program, they taught me how to find out which food are the best for my body. One of the exercises was to try different type pf breakfast everyday, example one day tofu, other day eggs, other day fruit and so on, and after couple of hour to write down how I feel. So yesterday I started my day with a toast and coffee, later on I had a vegetarian sandwich and chips from quiznos and by night I had a huuuuge stomachache. I don’t think was the sandwich maybe were the chips lol! And not so healthy at all! But hey! The day before I arrived home at 9 pm exhausted after all day working! So today I decided to be more healthy and woke up 15 min before so I can have time to make me and my family a smoothie and a delicious plant based lunch. I know goat cheese is not very plant based but being honest cheese is something that I can’t ever ever ever let go! I just loooove cheese! Eggs, meat, milk it’s ok but don’t take away my cheese!! Anyways this sandwich tastes delicios! It’s perfect for those meatless monday! This vegan mayo you can find it at superstore, and I am in love with this brand of bread that I recently discovered! I used to buy ezekiel but when I tried this one I totally changed my mind! Now I regret I didn’t add more veggies to my little sandwich but you can all cucumbers, tomato, celery , peppers and more. Happy Friyay everyone! 

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