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Where to go in Bellingham..

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Where to go in Bellingham..

If you are a Mexican living in Vancouver you must know this place.. La Gloria! And it really feels like it! Good Mexican food in Vancouver is just sooo hard to find, It’s not like in the USA that you can find the real mexican taste wherever you go. Not sure if it’s because the ingredients are easy to find but seriously, this place is heaven! Everytime we go to the states this is our must stop. It’s a very small restaurant and store, but once you enter there you really feel in Mexico. You can find everything that you want, soup, beans, mexican candies, pinatas, all type of cheesses, the beef there is delicious ( my favourite are the carnitas oh gosh! ). Next time you cross the boarder, stop by there. I garanty you are going to love it! Happy Monday everyone!


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