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How to Reduce Inflammation – Annaliisa

how to reduce inflammation

Inflammation. We hear this word a lot. Mostly as a negative connotation. We know we must get the inflammation down, but where does it come from and what exactly does it all mean? Healthcare workers & scientists are measuring levels of inflammation in our bodies and finding that it can be the root cause of …

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If you don’t love yourself, nothing is going to be enough

health and wellness

Last night I was reading some comments in one of those Mom groups on Facebook, some moms were sharing their struggles on losing weight, and that reminded me that I haven’t share much about my own struggles with health and wellness. Here is some of the struggles I have faced: At age 5 I wasn’t …

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Virtual Care on Your Schedule with Cloud MD

cloud md

Hi everyone! A couple days ago I wasn’t feeling well, I was having some nausea and chills at night, and just don’t feel ok. It is always such a hustle when I get sick because my family doctor doesn’t work on the weekends, which means that Francisco has to ask permission to stay at home with …