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Where to go for Pizza.. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria! 

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Where to go for Pizza.. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria! 

Happiness is around the corner.. At least for me lol! I was never a Pizza fan until I move to Vancouver. It’s literally the replacement of tacos! I remember on those good days that when I was getting out of the red room or whatever night club I was going, the pizza was my after food. Then I meet Francisco, who is a completly Pizza lover, so I guess pizza was on my destiny.. So when we found this place we felt in love! At the beginning we thought it was a small little business, but then when we google it and visit their website, we discover that it was big business! The first time We tried Famoso Neapolitan Pizzaria it was in New west, but in our recent trip to Victoria we stop by and we loooove the place! First let’s start with.. It’s kids friendly!!! Yess! They have a big space so Mia and her cousin were able to walk around and let us eat in peace! ( well.. Almost). Second BIG point.. It’s preggo friendly too!! They have alcohol-free beer!!! ( yaaaass) third point.. Excellent customer service! The waitress was so friendly, bringing crayons and things for the kids, always asking if everything was ok, very quick, the food was in our tables before we noticied. Another big point? The taste!! Their pizzas are completly different of what you can get at Pizza hut or Dominos, they are gourment and crunchy and they taste so damn good. An extra point? It’s local!! ( Canadian business). If you like the homemade taste this is the place for you! Happy Frynally all!! 

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