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Healthy baby as possible program Vancouver..

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Healthy baby as possible program Vancouver..

Morning! Finally we finished unpacking the most important things ( Meaning Mia’s things ) and I finally found my underwear ( yeiii ). We still have a lot of work to do, but I guess is going to be slow transition. I wanted to finish everything but there are so many things and projects that I have for this house, that probably is going to take us a few years, and with the days being like this ( beautiful sunny everyday ) the only thing that we want is to be outside! ( enjoy it while it last ). So yesterday we went to a kids party, ( it’s funny how I get soo excited when someone invite for a kids party) I just love to see another moms and remind mysef that I am not alone. I was very happy to see the moms that I meet in this group in Vancouver, if you are pregnant I totally recommend you this group! It’s call “healthy baby as possible”, they are located on Commercial drive, they help you to have the best pregnancy, providing you with a diet for you and your baby, give you lots of stuff for free. They make lots of activities for pregnant and new moms ( this group runs since you are pregnant until your baby is 1 year old ). This was a very special group because moms help each other, sometimes we exercise while volunteers take care of your baby ( 10 min break is 10 min ), there is a nurse, dentist, etc. Coming once a month so you can ask all the questions that you want, it is awesome!! If you want more information i’ll be happy to send it to you. Anyways we are heading to the states today to do some shopping at target 😁 but first ..

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