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Happy New Year and the BIG REVEAL is here!!

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Happy New Year and the BIG REVEAL is here!!

Happy New year my loves! and what a better way to start this year than announcing my partnership with Baby Gourmet!!!!!!

I started my blog a couple years ago just for fun, writing about all the healthy advice’s and recipes I got from my Wellness coach certification, later on I started writing about my journey in Motherhood and my favourite local places/brands; But in the recent months I’ve seen an increase on my audience and followers, so I had the pressure to start making the things prettier and more interesting for everyone to read.

Even tho I’m still on processing of branding, logo, and making this site more efficient, I feel extremely blessed to be reach by a brand that I’ve been using for the last 3 years with my kids to be their brand ambassador ( pinch me!!!! )

If you don’t know Baby Gourmet, they are a Canadian company that sales children food made with the highest quality of organic ingredients! Their baby cereal was Matias first food and Mia loves ALL of their products as well!

I invite all my friends, followers and family to support me during this journey as I’m going to be taking their Instagram account (@babygourmetfoods)  once in a while for the next couple of months. You can follow us (@ilove604), watch me in their Insta stories and share some love!



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