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How to start a Healthier New Year

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How to start a Healthier New Year

Last New Year’s I knew that 2017 would be one of the hardest in my life. I was about to become a mother of 2 and a full time mother again, I was nervous but at the same time soo excited to have the opportunity of being able to live all of these challenges and memories with them.

From terrible twos, to lack of sleep with a newborn, this year has been… one of THE BEST chapters of my life. Being able to stay with them and raise them it’s something that I’m going to miss the most next year.. but anyways.. it’s time to start writing down the goals for the next one, and one of my new years resolutions is to focus more about ME, my brand and my husband. This year it’s been all about the kids.. and when I say all is ALL!! so it’s time to bring some balance and use the quote “happy mom.. happy everyone” lol!

Here are 5 habits i’m planning to re-take that anyone can try:

1-Healthy eating and exercise: I haven’t work out AT ALL this year.. like NOTHING but that doesn’t mean that I know how important it is to feel happy! You sleep better, the release of endorphin and the list goes on! Same with food, even tho in that area I haven’t been that bad.. I want to bring more plant base recipes to this family, so expect more healthy recipes soon!!

2-Get more “ME”time: Health it’s not only about good eating and exercise, it goes wayyy more than that. Having that time for you, to do your pedicure, take a long bath, reading your favourite book while having a nice glass of your favourite wine, it’s more than necessary if you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

3-Work on a personal project: Having personal projects it’s soo fun! That’s how I started this blog and now it became one of my favourite things to do on my free time. Weather is building something for your home, create your own business, it’s something that distracts your mind and makes your soul full.

4-Spend more quality time with my love ones: I was focusing that much on my kids, that I RARELY had a girls night’s out or have dates with my hubby, so it’s time to call those old friends and catch up, get a drink here and there, hire a babysitter and re-take that couple life we miss soo much!

5-Help others: I’m so proud that I was able to finish this year doing small things for others, even tho it was very difficult with 2 demanding/energetic kids by my side. Giving back to our community it’s something that I’m planning to do more and more, as this country has given me soo much!

What are your goals for 2018? Share them with me in the comments section below!



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