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My Atkins Lifestyle..

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My Atkins Lifestyle..

If you know me.. you know that I've been an Atkins Fan since I was 15. I was introduce to this "diet" by one of my friends mom, and we used to call it "La dieta de las grasas" in Spanish. I remember the first time I did atkins I lost like 8 kilos in 2 weeks with phase 1. And then I followed phase 2 and I maintained a healthy weight like that for years! And everytime I needed to lose weight I will automatically switch to atkins. I change my diet to Atkins like 3 or 4 months before my wedding but after the wedding I wanted to try a new lifestyle, I wanted to switch to a more vegetarian, organic, gluten free way of eating and that was it. 3 weeks ago I started to get impatient with my weight, and I went to the Atkins website to check if I could do Atkins while breastfeeding.. and guess what?? Yes I can!! I cannot do phase 1 or 2 which are the ones that made me lose weight very fast but they do have Atkins 40, that is for breastfeeding moms and they allow you to eat around 25g of carbs per day! Yess I haven't lose that much weight because with this phase I guess takes longer, but I'm not in a hurry! And guess what? I've been very creative lol and I've found lots of vegetarian versions for my atkins recipes! Why do I love atkins? Well.. let's start with you don't have schedule! Atkins is a lifestyle.. if you follow all the phases there is NOTHING that you can't eat in portion control. The most difficult one would be phase 1 because the list of things you can eat is limited but you have soo many options and the portions that you can eat are big! Second thing why I choose atkins? They have meals to go!! I love their shakes and their bars, and seriously they don't let me miss chocolates or anything sweet. Third? It makes sense! Atkins mostly is to stay away from sugar.. including bread. I know there is a huuge debate about this diet, I mean if you eat fat fat fat all day obviously is not going to be healthy.. but now there are tons of options out there! Instead of eating those fat meat burgers, eat the vegetarians or have a salad! Veggies are unlimited! So how does atkins works? Carbs and fat are your body's sources of fuel. If you stop eating carbs, your body will start using your fat as gasoline and that's how you lose the weight. Because with atkins 40 I do eat carbs, the process is much slower, because my body would need to eliminate the amount of carbs I ingest before burning my fat. Now I guess everyones question is.. what happens when you stop? Being honest, because this is a LIfESTYLE it was very effective for me and I never had troubles getting the weight up.. but I wasn't craving sugar like before.. and as I said.. whenever I felt I was gaining weight because I ate too much bread on a vacation or something, I would stop rice, bread, sugar, potatoes, etc. For a couple of weeks and that was it! Plus before having Mia I used to hit the gym frequently lol! This time I haven't exercise At all!! So I don't expect having result right away! I know it's going to take months for me to see results, specially with the lack of exercise! If you want to read more about atkins, their lifestyle, recipes, etc. Go to their website: xoxo Athe

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