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DIY house projects..

My house is a mess! Well it's not a mess mess, but I really want to do lots of changes including in the furniture. Our goal almost 2 years ago was to buy the house.. then the next goal was our second baby.. and now the next goal is to invest in our house. We just had our baby 3 months ago, so when i'm saying our next goal is starting probably next year, but I wanted to start with small changes, something that we can afford. I definitely definitely want to take out all the carpet on my stairs and second floor!! That's my number one change, but as you know it is expensive. Francisco wanted to try and do a DIy in our second entrance, an being honest I didn't think it can be worst as it was lol! So I let him do his project. We had this huge closet that we used as storage and this horrible floor coming from the garage, so Francisco changed it to the same floor we have in our main floor and being honest, he did a good job! He completely removed the closet from the entrance and he want to put some furniture there like a place to hang your coats and a closet to put your shoes on. The next thing I want to do after
Changing all the carpet would be the kitchen! I want to completely change my kitchen including the cabinets, etc. I want everything in White! So I started with our kitchen table! It was so easy and such a fun thing to do as family, and I love love love the result! another thing that it was urgent to do is our living room! Even tho I cannot and I do not want to buy furniture because I really want my kids to have an area to play ( that's other project as well, we want to build a third room in the garage later on) but on the meantime, part of my living room is their play area, and it was a complete mess! Toys everywhere, tons of colours, just a mess! So I decided that my kids can have a play area but they do not need all the toys around and we can do it in a much cleaner way. I didn't know how much I love home make overs but now i'm kinda of addicted! Next DYI project.. coffee station!! Does anyone have ideas? Cheers! Athenas

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