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My new logo.. 

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My new logo.. 

Hi loves! On the last few days I’ve been working on the set up of my blog. I thought that I really need to have a logo, and because right now I don’t have much money to invest, I just sat down on my computer and came up with this. Man.. It’s been years since the last time I use photoshop! I remember I used to create beautiful logos on Illustrator, can’t believe how much these programs have change! Last time I touched them was back at my university like 8 years ago! ( I feel soo freacking old). Anyways, I love the combination of these colours, and if you are wondering what those red and white figures are, they supposed to be some buildings from our city lol! My husband didn’t like the typography at all, but I really love it! Who knows? Maybe I’ll invest in something more proffesional later, but on the meantime, welcome to my new site! I already have a projeccion of how I want my site to look in a few months, if you guys have any suggestions I’ll love to hear them! Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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