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Where to go for Sushi.. 

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Where to go for Sushi.. 

Omg you guys! I’m soo obsessed with this place! Seriously it feels soo good that after 6 years living in a city where you can find crappy sushi in every corner, I finally found the one!! I’ve been in so many places trying to find good quality sushi and this is just around the corner from my house. Today I went to the Grandview plaza ( south surrey/white rock area ) and I knew I had to come back again. I found this place last weekend when my family and I were biking around the area, but with Mia being annoying I didn’t have the time to take a pic but this time I made sure I did. I don’t remember the name of this roll, I think is call “special roll” something like that, but it is the biggest and delicious roll ever. Last time we also tried the bento box, tofu, miso soup everything was amazing! The place is very small, so I wouldn’t go with a big group, but if you go with 2 or 3 friends and after that you can go for a walk and do some shopping. It is call “sushi castle”. Here is another pic, sorry that it is not the best quality but I was alone with Mia once again lol! Happy Saturday everyone! 

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