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Think fast.. 10 questions 

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Think fast.. 10 questions 

Hey guys! I feel That I should give you more information about me lol! So you can understand better my blog, I decided to come up with the think fast question to get to know me better:

1- Favourite restaurant: it depends, for Indian food I love all indian sweet on main ( their vegetarian buffee is the best! ) for Mexican food el patron on robson.

2- What’s your favourite Coffee brand?: Organo ( This one has to be included for sure lol ) and starbucks ( pretty basic )

3- if one soundtrack can describe your life, which one would it be?: I’m a bitch? Lol! I’m a lover.. alanis!!

4-marilyn, Audrey or jackey?: Audrey!!!

5- If money were not an object.. What would you buy?: a winter cabin in whistler! ( one day.. )

6- Favourite movie: Armageddon and Troy

8- Favourite book: too many, but my fav Alexander and Tatiana! Loove that love story!

9- How do you spend your lazy sundays?: there is no lazy sundays for me anymore .. But If I cool I will stay all day in bed watching movies with a BIG doritos bag and Valentina salsa on the site.

10- What’s the store that you can spends hours browsing?: Wholefoods!

Talking about my favourite book, Alexander and Tatiana is between twilight and fifty shades lol! it’s a pretty old book, I read it about 10 years ago, of my twitters followers told me about it and I found it online.

It’s friday again, Let’s see where the weekend take us! Have a great one everyone!!

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