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Where to go in Harrison..

Nothing screams more fall than a cabin, pumpkins and fire place. That’s exactly what we got this past weekend. After a long week of hard work and solo parenting, my family and I headed to the beautiful Sandpiper resort in Harrison Mills.

sandpiper resort Harrison

Before starting to share with you the all “must see” let me start with a little bit of Canadian history for you:

The Harrison region is divided in 3 different worlds. Harrison Mills which is all about heritage and history. Then we have Agassiz that is all about farms, little stores and Harrison hot springs which is more about hiking, biking paddling and the famous hot springs.

The 3 regions are connected by the beautiful Harrison river and full of incredible panoramic views!

Harrison Mills

We stayed at the new luxury cabins are Sandpiper, which are just next to the famous Rowenas Inn. If you haven’t been in that piece of heaven we 100% recommended. The experience is simply amazing with the best views I’ve seen in a long time. I literally have to almost drag Francisco to the car because he wasn’t happy to leave lol!

We had dinner and breakfast at their restaurant, and my recommendation will be their amazing New York Steak!

sandpiper restaurant

On Saturday we decided to do a little bit of exploring and we head over to Kilby Historic Site. This place goes back to 1906! They have a beautiful museum with product packaging dating back to the 1920! The kids had lots fun at their farm feeding their goats and playing in their playground.

We truly love learning about the Harrison mills history and the people who made that place so special. We also had the opportunity to have lunch at Kilby’s Cafe, where you can find the BEST clam/salmon chowder that you’ll ever have. The people working there are so friendly, always with a smile on their faces no matter how much loud Matias was lol.

kilby historic site
Kilby historic site
Kilby historic site

We ordered some apple and blueberry pie to go (because of kids) and headed over to our last stop: The Back Porch Coffee Roastery. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for good coffee. After grabbing our organic coffee we head back to our cabin to enjoy some movies, local coffee and pies!

kilby farm

This is going to be a lifetime trip memory for me and my family. Have you been in Harrison Mills? What would you ad to my travel guide?



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