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Travel guide Harrison 2020

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Travel guide Harrison 2020

Harrison hot springs

Last week was one of the most stressful/peaceful weeks in months! Thankfully, we were able to manage it while doing what we love to do as a family: explore.

We have been fans of Harrison since before having kids. It is such a cool little town full of great things to do and history. The Harrison region is divided by 3 different words: Harrison Mills, Harrison Hot Springs and Agassiz. (Read more about it on my previous article).

Here are some facts about Harrison:

*Harrison’s Hot Spings were first used as a healing place by the St’s Ailes people and known as ‘Kwals’ the Halq’emeylem word meaning word meaning boiling water. 

*Harrison Lake is 60km long and 279 metres in depth in some areas.

*Harrison is a mecca for musicians and artist, who flock to the area each year for the Harrison Festival of the Arts.

This time, we decided to do activities that we haven’t experience before (hello pandemic life). So here is a little travel guide in case you are in a hunt of the best staycation:

1-Stay at Sand Piper Resort: 

Harrison tour guide

This is our second time staying in these cabins, and we can’t have enough. From panoramic views to awesome customer experience, it is the perfect place for a family/couple/friends fall getaway. I’m not sure if they are open for Christmas, but if you are like me and want to have a magical Christmas in a cabin with your family, I’ll 100% choose this place!

2-Forest Bathing with Ya doma

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this acitvity, because 1 hour hike with a 3T and 5 year old that still uses a stroller, didn’t feel like a good idea. However, she truly make it so magical!

I love listen to her story, of how she was a kindergarten teacher who love the outdoors before decided to go all for it and do for a living what she enjoy the most: being with nature.

Ya Doma is a research-based framework supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forest and other natural environments.

Forest theraphy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shririn-Yoku, which translates to Forest Bathing. It is based on the notion that time spent in nature is very healing not only on a spiritual basis but also physically.

Mia had so much fun trying to discover forest treasures, and getting joy from playing hide and seek. It was so good to see them away from technology and enjoying the beautiful nature that surround us.

You can contact them via email: or phone 604-378-0369. I’ll definitely curious about experience this as a couple or with my friends!

3-Lunch at Muddy waters

One of their most popular places to eat, family owned, located right overlooking the lake. They have all type of options, their locally roasted coffee is to die for, their food is locally grown and raised foods, They also have rocky mountain chocolates conveniently located next to them to get your dessert!

4- Harrison Water Sports

I don’t know who had more fun if Mia or I lol! This is the perfect family activity! They have a full range of water activities for all ages.

It was our first time exploring these, and can’t wait to bring Matias to experience this next year. The water park has everything from swings, monkey bars and hamster balls! Fun for all ages.

5-Lake time

Are you too tired to do anything? Then just seat down and enjoy the panoramic views. If you are bringing the kids with you, they do have a playground for them to run while you just seat down and rest. They also have public washrooms right next to the playground so you don’t have anything to worry about.

These town has everything that you need for all ages, it is so special and the people make you feel so welcome. If you happen to go, let me know how it goes.



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