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Look Good and Do good while Supporting Local!

A unique gift under $25!

Good morning everyone! The sun is still shining, and the weather is still hot, so I thought it would be the perfect timing to share one of my favorite local brands lately!

Parawild is a Local company ( Vancouver BC ) and they have the coolest helmets accessories! Their designs are inspired by endangered animals, with a percentage of profits towards their awareness!


If you are looking for something that makes you stand out from the crowd, here it is! Mia is obsessed with her  “shaka the shark” ears,  and we are getting the “dardo the frog” for her winter ski lessons! The quality of the product is so good and I found them PERFECT for a birthday gift, Christmas gift etc. because they are so unique and do not break your wallet.

The fact that you are helping a good cause while shopping is a win-win! AND do you want to hear something even better? There is a Giveaway happening on my IG, but if you don’t want to wait, get a 20% OFF for the next 2 weeks ( From July 30th to August 13th ) with the code ILOVE604 for both  USA and Canada sites. They also have it available in Amazon stores in USA and you can use this code and get the Amazon prime free shipping! if you live in Vancouver, they have a pickup option in Yaletown, and FREE shipping for orders over $80.

What do you think? Pretty damn awesome right? Make sure to swing by their site and take a look at all of the fun designs they have, let me know what is your favourite!



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Sneak Peak from the photoshoot with Shana!

Pics from @lifeaswifeandmom !!

As you may notice, I’m kind of addicted to pictures lol! My hubby takes AWESOME pics ( he takes almost all the pics for my blog and social media ) but once in a while, especially when he gets annoyed by me, I’ll ask for help for a professional photographer.

I found Shana’s pictures on loving little’s Instagram feed and picture by picture, I found myself becoming her fan until I decided to contact her.

I’m amazed on her work and how fun it is to have a photo shoot with her, but the reason why I think she is so special is that she likes to show not the “perfect” you but the “real” you.


She is super honest, if something doesn’t seem or fits right she is not afraid to tell you, she is super down to earth and her friendly personality makes everything seems so easy, really, she has got to be one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with.

Another reason to follow her? She is one of the top 30 Vancouver Mom bloggers! If you are around the Fraser Valley and you are looking for a photographer, give her a try!

I’m truly blessed to meet all of this cool mommy bloggers and can’t wait to meet more today at the vintage party! What do you think about these photos?

Happy Tuesday!



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Favourite Local Face Mask

100% Food-Based Skincare!

I’m always checking out celebrities ( more specifically the Kardashians lol ) to see what their skincare routine is.

With all the options out there, I knew that I wanted to find some chemical free one,  preferably local, that would help me to start, ( YES, I do not have any beauty routine in place yet lol! #sorrynotsorry )

So a couple days ago, I was reached by SCHMEAR naturals, and when I read that it was a food-based product, I got super excited to test out and share my review with you, especially because I do not see any ANIMAL ingredient in them!

First, let me tell you that the scent is AMAZING! is like putting baby food on your face lol! It feels so light and natural! Second, the price is super reasonable! Which is difficult to find in natural products and last but not least, it is safe to put it in your 3-year-old, as it doesn’t have any chemicals on it!

Click here to check them out!

I hope you’ll Pour some wine and have a mini SPA day at home with your friends like we did!

Happy Sunday all!