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Second day of Christmas

Ho ho Ho! Santa Athenas is here! I’m so in the spirit of giving! Santa Athenas is in town for the next 12 days and is giving away a different prize every single day! All small business, all local! (Canada). If you are in the USA, I have something for you too coming on December 18! Stay tuned! I’ll be featuring all the business and brands here on to the blog, however for you to enter, you have to be following me and the brands/business on Instagram (check out the rules for every post). I’ll give you 5 extra entries if you read this blog post AND subscribe to my email list! All the winners will be picked at random and announced on December 14. So let’s start!..

On the second day of Christmas Santa Athenas and Ralph’s farm market brought to me.. A Christmas Dinner! ($161 Gift card!)


Ralphs farm market

Ralph’s if a local, family own business located in Langley that carries my favourite brands! They have so many selections from organic, gluten free, dairy free, natural health and more. I have to say, they have the BEST apples in town! Why choose local? The money stays local and most importantly, you get the best quality food because is FRESH.

These are items I selected as must-haves for your dinner, to give you some ideas:

Ralph's farm market Langley

Krause Berry Farms – Apple Pie and Brussel Sprouts:

If you live in the Fraser Valley I’m sure you have heard about this farm and their pie! It is produced locally in their harvest kitchen and it is one of our favourites! They also produced some delicious fruits and veggies, and I selected their Brussel sprouts to add extra nutrition to our dinner.

Chinese Mandarin Oranges

I wanted to add something sweet without sacrificing your health!

Ralph’s Turkey Mild Italian Sausages

These are made right here! in Ralph’s Meat Shoppe! They are Gluten Free, MSG Free, Nitrate Free – get them fresh or frozen. They used locally sourced meat and are the same meat they have for sale in their display case!


Fresh Local Quality, based in Chilliwack, work with Western Canadian Farms (Gluten Free).

Ralph's farm market Langley

Sunrise Farms Young Turkey

What’s a Christmas dinner without a turkey? And how awesome that you’ll get it local!

POM Pomegranates

The “Cadillac” of pomegranates! Yes, please!

European Cocktail Wieners

A must-have for our holidays.

Marzipan Stollen

A Dutch favourite, loved by many of their European customers!

Glenwood Valley Farms Cranberry Sauce

Locally produced right on their farm in Abbotsford – freshly made with simple ingredients. The Farm is run by a sweet lady named Bernice, she works with many Mexican workers. Bernice always expresses her joy in working with these amazing people and says they couldn’t do what they do without them.

I don’t know you Bernice but I already love you!

christmas dinner vancouver

Nature’s Choice Cider/Wine Mix

You have to bring some fun to the party!

Gesundheit Bakery Coarse Stuffing

Locally produced in Abbotsford, just to make your dinner even better!


Yams, Russet potatoes and a bag of carrots! All produced locally.

Avalon Egg Nog

Yes to this product! Their cows are fed on organic feed produced on pesticide-free land with no antibiotics or hormones entering in the picture.

Ralph’s Apple Juice

My daughter’s favourite! I told you that Ralph’s sincerely has the best apples!

Local Hazelnuts

One more dessert, please!

If you want your Christmas dinner to be all local and fresh as ours, head to my Instagram to enter!