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Eighth day of Christmas

pau creations canada

Ho ho Ho! Santa Athenas is here! I’m so in the spirit of giving! Santa Athenas is in town for the next 12 days and is giving away a different prize every single day! All small business, all local! (Canada). If you are in the USA, I have something for you too coming on December 18! Stay tuned! I’ll be featuring all the business and brands here on to the blog, however for you to enter, you have to be following me and the brands/business on Instagram (check out the rules for every post). I’ll give you 5 extra entries if you read this blog post AND subscribe to my email list! All the winners will be picked at random and announced on December 14. So let’s start!..

On the Eighth day of Christmas Santa Athenas, Pau Creations Canada, Schmear naturals and House of Max brought to me.. A Christmas present for her!

This big price includes:

A sweatshirt with a sassy message, a rose gold knot cuff and a holiday gift set to pamper your skin! (approx $150 value)

I know you have been very busy thinking what are you going to give to others, so we want to take care of  YOU! One lucky winner is going to receive these treasures, all from small business, all local!

If you haven’t heard about Pau creations Canada, she has the coolest clothes and mugs designs! The quality is excellent, they are unique and trendy items!  I absolutely love all of her messages, and her sweatshirts are the comfiest! I got this one in blue, and I’m using it every day!

pau creations canada

I did a collaboration with Schmear naturals during the summer and I LOVE their skin care products because they are 100% food-based! I even put it on Mia’s face and we have a mascara day. They donated their limited edition holiday gift set, which is an antioxidant face oil for the lucky winner to try! Check out their website to take a look at their amazing and natural skin line!

schemear naturals

And last but not least, how friggin beautiful is this Rose Gold love knot cuff from House of Max? This is one of their best sellers, perfect for your Christmas celebrations! It just looks so simple and elegant at the same time! Such a timeless piece to have!

house of max vancouver

You girls are getting spoiled eh? Head over to my Instagram to enter!




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Coffee with Style!

Who doesn’t love a good CUP of coffee?

If you didn’t already know, I LOVE coffee! As soon as I wake up, I need to have my coffee with cream ( no sugar ). Usually, my second cup comes around 2 pm. or right after lunch.

I have this thing for fun, large mugs, especially the ones with sassy messages that put a smile on my face just before the chaos starts in this home.


I meet Eva from Paucreations Canada, a couple days ago and I found myself scrolling to her entire Instagram! I wanted every single shirt and mug! I love everything about her designs, but my favorite item is the mugs! That’s why I decided to partner with her for a Giveaway for those coffee lovers living in Canada!

I especially love these ones because this happens to me every day! I’ll serve my coffee, get distracted by the kids, come back, the coffee is cold, I’ll put it in the microwave, forget about it, repeat. LOL!  I’m sure I’m not alone here!

Head into my Instagram to enter or check her store here