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Mia’s party at Kidtropolis!

Last week we celebrated our daughter’s 4 birthday. I was so stressed out because I was fulled of work, Christmas was coming, and you know the amount of time and budget that comes with planning a kids birthday party. Luckily for me, I won this Birthday party for 8 back in the summer at Kidtropolis, and even tho 8 was a very small number for Mia’s friends, mostly everyone was travelling so I decided to go ahead and book it. The result? BEST STRESS-FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!

I didn’t have to plan, cook or clean, everything was already there! We even had 2 party host assisting us to set up everything! I was WOW by their customer service, everyone super friendly and checking every little detail, letting for the first time, actually enjoy her birthday.

kidtropolis birthday party

The food wasn’t anything fancy, we ordered from their cafeteria (the nachos were pretty good!) but they let us bring the cake, which was a big hit with our guests. We got not one but two cakes from Pikanik in White Rock (They have awesome options of Nut free, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, vegan options) The strawberry cake was people’s favourite!

My favourite things about Kidtropolis is that they play using their imagination and that the place is great for kids all ages! Matias had the time of his life as well as Mia! They have a huge space for them to run from one place to another.

kidtropolis richmond

birthday parties at kidtropolis

If you haven’t heard about kidtropolis, check out the cool events they have during the year (I heard there is going to be an NYE celebration) or just go for a playdate! 100% recommended for this raining nothing to do days! Let me know what do you think.