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Fifth day of Christmas

Clancy's high tea white rock

Ho ho Ho! Santa Athenas is here! I’m so in the spirit of giving! Santa Athenas is in town for the next 12 days and is giving away a different prize every single day! All small business, all local! (Canada). If you are in the USA, I have something for you too coming on December 18! Stay tuned! I’ll be featuring all the business and brands here on to the blog, however for you to enter, you have to be following me and the brands/business on Instagram (check out the rules for every post). I’ll give you 5 extra entries if you read this blog post AND subscribe to my email list! All the winners will be picked at random and announced on December 14. So let’s start!..

On the Fifth day of Christmas Santa Athenas, Loobydoo and Clancy’s High tea brought to me: Gift Basket + High Tea for two ($150 value!)

high tea place white rock

If you have been following for a while, you know my friend Debbie, owner of Looby doo. She has the cutest kids store in the whole White Rock area! You can find pretend makeup, the cutest handmade hats, local baby brands that if you like to support local, I’m sure you know.

I stopped by a couple days ago to take some pics for my top picks for presents for kids, and the owner of Clancy’s was there. She showed interest on the 12 days of Christmas so we invited her to join. Her Tea room it’s located in the White Rock area, and they provide food choices that are fresh, tasty and homemade.

They offered catering and private parties, and if you haven’t done high tea with your friends, you haven’t lived! I had one as a baby shower for Matias, and it’s so fun to just dress up and act like we were fancy lol!!

Alright, Here are my top picks for baby/kids presents from Loobydoo:

Baby/Toddler Hat:

Matias got this one before our trip to Ottawa, and it’s been the only thing I used for his head lol! I can’t believe Debbie made this beautiful hats on her “free” time!

baby hat white rock

Pretend Makeup

Mia’s it’s been super into makeup lately, and she already destroyed the few lipsticks I had, so Debbie gave her these as a present, and she LOVES IT! Win-win!

lily pretend makeup

Night Light

I’m still struggling on having my kids sleeping in my room, and one of the big factors is that Mia wants the light on hers. I’ve been thinking to get this one as a present for her, as apart of bringing the light she ones, it’s just so cute as a room decor!

kids night light

Baby Shoes

How cute are these little boots? It almost makes me want to have another one! LOL!

baby shoes white rock

Here you go, my friends, a Giveaway for your little ones and you! If you don’t want to wait and need to buy your kids gift, here is the address for you: 15218 Pacific Ave, White Rock, BC V4B 1P7.

To enter to win the Gift Basket from Loobydoo plus the High tea, head over to my Instagram to enter!