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Why everyone is obsessed with Hydra Facial

Beauty Talk Alert!

If you know me, you know I’m not good at taking care of my skin. I do not use any sun protection, or expensive cream, I do not wash my face before sleep, I’m just a mess! But a couple months ago, for some reason, I decided it was time to pay attention to this tired face and make an effort, so when I heard that Bubbles and Wax had a special on Hydra facial I decided to give it a try, why? Because I was reading hydra facial in every beauty blog! So why is this treatment so popular?

The wow thing about it is that it performs 3 regimens at the same time, it cleans, exfoliates and infuse the skin with intensive serums. It renews the surface and texture of your skin, removing dead skin and helping reducing hyperpigmentation! Pretty amazing if you ask me!


Another big benefit, for those who care about ageing, is that it smooths away fine lines and wrinkles!

If you’ve never heard of Bubbles and Wax, they are located in the South Surrey/White Rock area, and they specialize in waxing and facials! I truly enjoy going there because their customer service is BEYOND good, and I always leave with a happy face (not only because of the bubbles you get after your treatments but because they are very good on what they do).

So I was very happy to give hydra facial a try, and I’ll continue with this treatment during the fall! Love that when the treatment was finished, and I was seating there enjoying my bubbles, I Immediately feel my skin so clean, hydrated and smooth. If you decide to give it a try, this treatment is regular $120, but right now bubbles and wax have it for only $59.99! Let me know how do you like it!