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Best Christmas Gift: House Stories Canada

Wait.. what? It is not even Fall!

I know, I know, but seriously I cannot stop thinking how an AWESOME gift this is for anyone in your family!

Last month I was contacted by Darren from houses stories Canada to do a collab. When he told me he wanted to come to my house and take some pictures I just thought ” My friend, you got the wrong blogger” LOL!


If you follow my insta stories you know how messy my house is. We don’t have nice furniture or anything special, we don’t even have a bed frame!! But, when I took the time to read the whole concept, I started to get excited and I’m glad I did because this album is going to be a big treasure for my kids in the future!

“The happiest moments we have with our families – pouring syrup over a stack of pancakes, building a blanket fort, curling up on the living room couch – are the ones that tend to get forgotten. Housestories was created to preserve these seemingly ordinary moments and strengthen a family’s connection to their home and their past.”

Even tho we are planning to sale this house hopefully next spring, it will always be special for us. This is the house where Matias was born. It is also our first home ( purchase ).

We had so many family and friends staying here, so many memories that we would like our kids to see because they are not going to remember. Having an album with all of these images it’s just priceless!


If you are looking for the most unique gift, this is it! I wish I did this with my parent’s house back in Mexico, because now is all renovated and obviously my toys were giving to charity. I do have some blurry memories but I wish I had some pictures like this to bring me back.  If you like what you see, use the code ILOVE604 for 20% OFF ( your welcome ).