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Support Local: Cloud9 Float Spa

Floating spa experience

Hello all! I can really use one of those hoodies with the quote “tired as a mother”. Seriously! Between a teething toddler, coughing kids (which means, I haven’t slept in 2 days) tons of new exciting projects that are coming for the blog and getting prepare for our trip next week, my mind is just all over the place.

Luckily for me, I was contacted by Cloud 9 Float Spa in Coquitlam. They invited me to try their famous float tanks that help you to release some stress. When I went to their website I kind doubt about it because I thought that I’ll feel claustrophobic. For my surprise, it was such an enjoyable experience!


Let’s start with the service. I was running late (of course) all stress out, trying to not forget all of the stuff you have to bring when you have kids (We only have 1 car, and Francisco wanted to go out with the kids too) so you know how it is. The bottle, the shoes, the coat. I called them on my way there all nervous, scared that they’ll get mad at me for being late, but instead, they reply with an “Ok, Please do not stress”.

I guess that’s the whole point of the experience lol! So, I came in, took out my shoes, took a shower and I was ready to go!

In the beginning, I let the tank open to get comfortable with everything. Once I felt secure, I closed it up. I love the fact that you can still leave the lights on when closed because I’m one of those people scared of the dark. (yes, I know I’m a 32-year-old).

I was scared to be alone with my thoughts lol, but it feels so good! It was what I call a real “me” time. The sensation of the water and the ambience of the place make it a great experience. I really can use another float experience right now!

If you decide to give them a try here is their website for you to check out.