Só Luxury Coco Oat, Coco Cream & Blush Sóaks



Beagán (Little) Trio (Reg. $30)

Coco Oat Beagán (Little) (100g)
Coco Cream Beagán (Little) (130g)
Blush Beagán (Little) (160g)

Mór (Big) Trio (Reg. $82)

Coco Oat Mór (Big) (300g)
Coco Cream Mór (Big) (400g)
Blush Mór (Big) (500g)


Directions for use: Add one to three tablespoons to warm running bath water. Intended to be used in place of soap.

*Check our Testimonials page for customer reviews and additional uses.

***NOTE due to the salt content of our Blush Soak, ensure your child does not drink the bath water*

**Our Oat Kernel Flour is processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts.


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