For Those Ready to Get Unstuck and Start Living Their Dream Life!

It’s time for a change, you know it, but are unsure of what your uniqueness is, and most importantly if you can make an income with all of those desires and ideas in your head. Why? Because you grew up with the idea that 9-5 means security, because you don’t feel enough to get that job position, because you grew up with the believe that there are only a few lucky people who get to do something fun for a living, that there is only a few who can make the big bucks while doing what they love.. you think: They must be special…they probably had a moment of luck… they got connections..

Let me tell you a secret….

WE are ALL special, we ALL can become those lucky ones, we ALL have gifts that would help others and we ALL can make money while doing it.

Hi! I’m Athenas, I’ve been conquering my fears my whole life. From leaving my country to start a new life, to leave my secure 9-5 to pursuit my dream job, to leave a steady income to give entrepreneurship a try.

I’m constantly chasing towards living my best life because I’m FULLY committed to my happiness and joy, as I know that that’s exactly what I want to bring to the world: Joy.

I believe that If we only have 1 life, we should live it FULLY! Long time ago I discovered one of the most important sessions in life, and that was that we all have the option to gain income doing what we love to do, we all have the option to negotiate that freedom with our time (yes, even in the corporate job) so the questions is:

Why some people have it and some not?


The ones that are living their best lives know how to overcome their fears. BELIEVE ME.. You just need to do it once.. take 1 risk towards your dreams, and when you see what is like, how it feels saying YES to the thing you wish and what It comes when you take the decision to conquer those fears.. there is no going back!

I’m not saying is easy, but like everything, it gets easy if you make a plan and take action. I want to help YOU find your uniqueness and guide you of how you can overcome those fears that are leaving you stuck where you are, that’s why I created this masterclass:


In these 1:1 coaching sessions (2 sessions of 1 hour each) I’ll guide you step by a step of finding those fears that are making you feel stuck and find actual PROOF that you can make an income on whatever your dream is. 

This is not like any other masterclass, we will explore your past to identify who you were, so we can understand who you are, and make it easier to know where to go. We will go in deep with your core desired feelings, your fears and I will come up with strategists to overcome them. We will go all in DEEP with your soul and mind! 

My goal is for you to leave with a shift of mindset and with a plan in hand.

This is for you if you:

*Are crabbing a change but don’t know what the next step is

*Want to find your uniqueness

*Need someone to help you taking the next step

*Want to overcome the imposter syndrome

*Want to start living a life you enjoy

*Want to feel happy and confident

*Want to overcome your insecurities and fears


“Athena has such amazing energy and is such a good listener. From the moment we started speaking, space was held for all my feelings and it was therapeutic, eye opening and validating. To have someone see you as exactly who you are is beyond amazing and something everyone should experience. The process she takes you through is direct, to the point and strong. I didn’t think 2 hours could change my thought process and set me up on a strong path, but she did just that! Highly recommend this to anyone.” – Erica Teasdale @erica_teasdale

“Athena is so relaxed and personable. It felt like we’d been friends forever which immediately put me at ease.Her workbook helped me to identify some of my self limiting beliefs and fears, also identifying experiences and accomplishments to help dispel these beliefs.This Master Class helped me get clear about my core feelings and goals and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get clear on goals and their Why.” -Shannon @venusfitness

 I know you feel hesitate, but this offer will take you from where you are lost, to walking towards where you want to be. and the best part?

I’m having a massive discount just for this month to celebrate international women’s day!

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