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Playland Nights!

Need a break from the kids? Every Friday in July, Playland is hosting exciting evenings dedicated to adults-only* (19+) amusement, complete with food, drinks, midway games, and of course, exhilarating rides. The grounds will be fully licensed, so guests can enjoy their favourite beverage throughout the park while experiencing the entertainment. In addition to guest DJs spinning …

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Where to go in Surrey.. Royal Canadian Circus..

Yesterday we had the opportunity to enjoy the Royal Canadian Circus show! After a long week, I wasn’t planning to do absolutely anything, However, my longtime friend Alejandra was in town and performing on that show, so I had to make an exception and take the kids for their first circus experience, and I’m so glad I did because it was a huge success for the whole family!!

Mia was super excited when she saw the little ponies and was amazed at all the performances! Matias couldn’t stop clapping and even Francisco was dancing lol!

I wasn’t sure if the kids would make it to the end, but the lights, the music, etc. Kept them entertained for the whole 2 hours! ( yeeeeep! And my kids would not stay seat in a restaurant lol! ) if you are staying in town during this long weekend, they are located at the Guilford mall! For a sneak peak of what you’ll see, go to my insta stories!

To get 2 tickets for 1, go to

and use the promo code: KIDS

Happy Long Weekend everyone!


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Where to go in Gastown

Gastown is without a doubt, one of my Favourite neighborhoods of Vancouver! It’s full of restaurants and cool stores, so it is impossible to get bored in there! Today I want to share our MUST stops with you, so next time you are there, you can give them a try!



The Local

Here you can find the best brunch in town, as it is the place that has the best huevos rancheros in town! I promise, as a Mexican, I haven’t even try something like that not even in my own country lol! And their mini smoothies are our kid’s favs!! Hands down to this restaurant and their excellent service!

Steam Clock

The famous Steam clock! Built in 1977, this antique-style clock is powered by steam and whistles, and everyone stops there for a pic! ( as you can see lol )

Canada Place

I’m not sure if this is considered part of Gastown, but it is a must stop for me! It is just something magical about walking there with that amazing view. If you haven’t done the FlyOver Canada, you HAVE TO!



If you want to skip the brunch and go directly to lunch, Tacofino is the place to go! Their fish tacos are my favourite as they remind me of the ones I love from Guadalajara! Yumm Yumm!



Cool Local stores

Native Shoes are a MUST stop lol! We can’t have enough of their designs! I believe the owner is a Local mom from North Van. What is special about them is that even tho they look like plastic, your kid’s feet would never smell LOL! seriously! I do not know how they do it!!


Tress Coffee

They are well known to have the best Cheesecakes in town! This is our last stop to leave with a happy tummy and a smile on our faces lol!

What is your must stop?



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Where to go for Mother’s day! ( Greater Vancouver )

Mother’s day is around the corner, and if you are like me, you probably are waiting for your hubby to surprise you and take you for a nice brunch or something. My mom is back in Mexico, but I wanted to share with you what would be my favourite places to take her if she were here, so here we go:

1- Fort Langley

If you have been following for a while, you know I’m a big fan of this little town. Seriously I want to move there! Whenever my mom or mother in law comes for a visit, we always take them there. We like to go for a nice walk, visit all their antique stores and finish or little trip with lunch at Wendel’s!

2- Patisserie Fur Elise (Downtown YVR)

I haven’t been in another high tea place, because we like this one so much that we always come back. However, my friends who are being in different ones, they always select this one as well! Their pastries are to die for, and the little house is a like a dream come true!

3-Willow Stream Spa (Downtown YVR)

I went there when I was still pregnant with Matias, and I love it! If she is into sports, treat her with their Van body treatment! After that just seat for a cup of tea, a good talk and healthy snacks enjoying the beautiful downtown view!

4-Seasons in the Park (Vancouver)

I took my mom here last year and we absolutely LOVE IT! The stunning view, the delicious food, and the best part? You can take awesome pictures after or before lunch lol!

5-The Wooden Spoon (White Rock)

My favorite restaurant in White Rock, and one of my top 5 in the Lower Mainland! This restaurant was designed for US no doubt! They have a kids space, excellent service and don’t let me start with the food! Their Brunch menu is amazing! Treat her with their peach mimosas! She will love it!

Where are you going for Mother’s Day?



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Getting Ready for Easter with Ralph’s Farm Market


For those of you that share the same passion for supporting Local and that are on the same boat as me of achieving Wellness, HERE is the place for you!

As mentioned before, I’m one of those people that can spend hours at the supermarket trying to figure out the ingredients on every single product, so going to Ralph’s Market, makes my grocery shopping much easier, since they already did the research for us, PLUS they have their own quality, organic, produce in the store.. Like their Amazing Peanut Butter! Seriously.. Haven’t tried a PB that taste as good and natural like theirs!


Walking around the store, I recognized almost all of the Local brands that they sell, everything Organic, non-GMO, free-range, ethically raised, so we support Local, they support local.. HOW COOL IS THAT?


Another reason why I love this farm? it is a LOCAL FAMILY business! I can read over and over the story on their page because I just love to read successful business stories, and I find it super cute that the whole family is involved, and they are helping each other:

I’m planning to make some delicious Easter recipes this week, hopefully, I’ll be able to add some on the blog, so this is what we got in our grocery bag:

1-De simone Farms Apple and Raspberry Juice:

We LOVE this juice because is really 100% PURE! I’m really not a fan of giving my kids juices, but as I said, for me everything works in moderation, and I do not want to private my kids of having some sugar once in a while, so this juice doesn’t make me feel guilty AT ALL! It only has 2 ingredients: Okanagan apples and Raspberries.. THAT’S IT! No Additives, No Enzymes, No Vitamin C added, No Concentrates. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated because the way that the package is seal, makes the work to maintain it well

2- Veggies:

Because they are an Easter staple lol! And after a week in Mexico, we really need to eat some salads!

3- Little Creek Dressing:

Everyone knows that the clue to a good salad is the dressing. Usually, I like to make my own and keep it simple, BUT things have been crazy lately, so I was in a desperate look of a good and healthy dressing, We love Little creek because they are made using organic ingredients and made in small batches. For more info about their ingredients click here:

4- Apples:

Apples are such a staple for Ralph’s, and Mia couldn’t stop eating them, so we bought some to have healthy snacks around us.

5- Pastry:

I wanted to bring something for Francisco, he is a bread lover, and I heard that their Cinnamon bread was super famous, that there is even a hashtag for it, so I got some for him to try, and also some Easter buns!

6- Tapenade Kalamata Olive:

I wanted to bring something else for him to add on his bread, and because he LOVES olives, I decided to give this product a try. It was a complete success! He couldn’t stop eating it!

7- Hummus:

I bought this delicious high quality high-quality but the thing is.. I finished it in one seat ( Crying face ) and I didn’t take a pic of the brand 🙁 hopefully, you watched my insta stories! If not, you can ask what is their most famous Hummus!

8- Chips:

I’m a chip lover.. So I got some cinnamon apple chips, Mexican chips, and my new favourite: Farmhouse culture chips in the pic below! So friggin good!

9- Peanut Butter:

I know there is a lot of controversy about this, some people say PB is bad for you, and blablabla, we LOVE our Peanut Butter! and as mentioned in the first paragraph, they have the BEST!



What is in your grocery bag?