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My morning routine – Driven Fitness

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My morning routine – Driven Fitness

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My name is Sandra, I am a 42 year old single mom, personal trainer and nutrition coach.  A healthy and fitness-focused morning routine can set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Here is my morning routine that I do every single day including the weekends!

1. I wake up at a consistent time: I usually wake up at 4:45 am because my weekdays start at 6:00am. Aim to wake up at the same time every day to establish a regular sleep schedule and optimize your body’s internal clock.  On the weekends I tend to wake up closer to 6:00am.  I guess this is my version of sleeping in LOL

2. I drink a glass of water and drink 1 scoop of my greens as soon I you wake up to rehydrate prepare my body with proper vitamins and minerals.

3. Stretching and a quick 6 minute workout circuit: Since I have limited time in the morning I do a 4 quick circuit of four full body exercises to wake my body up and start the calorie burning effect for the rest of the day! Click here for my routine.

4. Hygiene and self-care: I then take a nice shower and take care of my personal hygiene, including brushing your teeth, washing my face, pulling my hair back and applying light makeup so that I feel fresh and ready throughout the day.

5. Healthy breakfast: The importance of fuelling your body in the morning is often not followed. Your body needs a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Since my time is limited, I fuel my body with my Arbonne Vegan Protein.  It has 20grams of Protein and 24 vitamins and minerals! Protein keeps you fuller longer and reduces binge eating in the evening. Avoid processed and sugary breakfast options as these spike insulin levels.

6. Meditation/Self-development: On my drive to train my clients, I listen to either a self-development podcast, or I throw on my Theta Waves playlist on Spotify.  Studies have shown listening to Theta Waves reduces and anxiety and stress which for us females reduces Cortisol levels which is the leading cause of belly fat sticking around.

I always listen to my body and I adjust my routine to my personal preferences and fitness levels. Try to gradually incorporate these activities into your morning routine and make adjustments as needed to create a sustainable and enjoyable health and fitness regimen.  Sandra is a female fat loss transformation coach, she’s helped countless women feel more confident.  As a busy mom, she creates easy to follow along programs for other busy moms.  For more information get to know her on Instagram at

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