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Maan’s Farm Haunted Experience!

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Maan’s Farm Haunted Experience!

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Homestead, The Way Down, Slaughterhouse Corn Maze, and Midway

(Abbotsford, BC) Maan Farms Haunts, the creators of the Scariest Corn Maze in Canada, are back at it,

bringing four dedicated experiences this year: HomesteadThe Way DownSlaughterhouse, and Midway.

“Every year, our creative team aims to improve HAUNTED by adding new layers and flavours. We are excited for our guests to experience four multi-sensory experiences where the dead can’t resist meeting you,” says Amir Maan, Creator of HAUNTED and Maan Farms’ Operations Manager.

Homestead invites house guests to be the star of their own horror movie. Greeted by the ‘hospitable’ homeowners of a decrepit Airbnb, torturous treatment awaits. This immersive, limited-entry haunt is a full-contact experience where guests will experience an enhanced, highly-detailed, and elevated horror attraction that will leave them begging to check out.

The Way Down takes guests through the passage of hell, assaulting their senses and testing their psychological limits. This haunt requires guests to wear fabric hoods and follow a rope while experiencing unique multidimensional themes, such as feeling the underworld’s fiery wrath.

The iconic ‘Scariest Corn Maze in Canada’ returns with a blood-soaked Slaughterhouse theme. This self- guided haunt will have guests running for their lives as chainsaws roar and the flesh-eating pigs are unleashed to feast upon those who fall behind.

Midway Street Theatre is a place to fuel up and unwind in between the experiences. Circus lights illuminate the sky while live actors, skilled in the arts of fire, improvisation and entertainment, fill the space with laughter and music.

Whether guests are ordering wine-filled ‘blood’ bags at the Blood Bar or deep-fried treats and cotton candy delights at the concessions, the Midway Street Theatre is HAUNTED’s only resting point.

Other food items include Maan Farms’ new Naan Tacos, Mad Jack Pumpkin Spice wine, and Creepy Cloud Cocktail along with signature favourites, such as the Double Pumpkin SpiceCream, field-to-plate pumpkin pie, Pumpkin Spice Mini Donuts, and Mama Maan’s legendary butter chicken bowls, samosas, and chai tea.

Guests can buy admission tickets as of 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 17th, at this link. Three options are available: (1) Slaughterhouse, The Way Down and Midway, (2) Homestead and Midway; Homestead is limited to 30% capacity for a small-group experience, and (3) a combination ticket for all four of the attractions. HAUNTED begins on September 24th and ends on October 31, 2022.

Images by SLAP communications.

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