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Back To School BackPacks 2022 For All Ages

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Back To School BackPacks 2022 For All Ages

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I’ve asking around what everyone does with their old kids backpacks, like do you buy new ones every year? Lots of people say they buy new lunch bags, but how about backpacks? Mia has been using the same ROOTS backpack from Costco for the last 2 years, but this year I wanted her and Matias to have a new one and start fresh, so I decided to go around to see what is out there, and these were my favourite options:

This one has 4.5 stars on Amazon, and it comes with matching lunch bag AND pencil case:

Obsessed with this cars backpack!

For all of those game lovers

Mia used to have this one and LOVE IT!

Nothing says 90’s like..

Love the colours on these!

Ordering this one for me!

For those dog lovers!

Perfect for those who suffer from backpain

Less then $50 and 7K reviews on Amazon!

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