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Tips to Transition Your Winter Skincare Routine for Spring

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Tips to Transition Your Winter Skincare Routine for Spring

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It is Spring time! This means deep cleaning and organizing in our home! I feel that I’ve been so behind on this, and it is very important so we can come up with clean energies (if you believe on this) and start fresh! I started to declutter the kids closet, I’ll be working on mine soon, but it is also time of transition in our skin care routine, as our skin has different needs during spring, so I wanted to share with you some of my tips and favourite products to prepare your skincare for sunny days, warm weather and blue skies!

*Change your heavy winter creams for lighter serums: I don’t know you, but my face gets oily if I use the same cream I use in the winter, for spring/summer season. During this time I love the vitamin C serum from Derma E, as it is light, vegan, cruelty free and feels amazing on the skin!

  • Add sunscreen (even tho this one has to be use all year long): I didn’t understand the importance of sunscreen until I got to my 30’s. My favourite sunscreen is from Alumier MD, I get mine at MD Cosmetics . Do not forget to put sunscreen in your hands, neck and chest (I used to forget this part until I saw an IG story from Tori from fraiche nutrition)
  • Add Toner to your skincare routine: The only time I use toner is in the warm weather, to remove the excess of grime. I have tried this one and love it!
  • Scrub time! Scrubbing it’s super important to keep our skin clear. My favourite scrub lately to use on my face and body is the coffee scrub from Frank Body. I swear they have the best scrubs in town!
  • Hydrafacials: They are a must to keep our skin clean and clear, I go to MD cosmetics to get mines every change of season.
  • Cold Mask: It feels so gooood to put something cold on my face after a long day, I got a bunch of the body shop mask and put them on the fridge and they feel sooo good in my skin!

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