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How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality

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How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality


Our thoughts make our reality. Have you heard about this? I LIVE by this! I called myself a manifestation queen, and the reason why I’m such a fan of this, is because I have proof that it does works! I’ve been manifesting since I was 15, and once you start, you go bigger and bigger! 

I want to share with you a personal experience on how I’ve been manifesting my goals. I came to Vancouver as an ESL student when I was 17 and felt in love with this city. I love it so much that I remember before it was time to go back to Mexico I went to this place with a great view of the city, and I said “I’m going to live here. One day I’ll be back, and I’ll live and work here”. 5 years later I was moving here.

I got a job as a waitress in a Mexican Restaurant, and I remember thinking “I’m sick of working on weekends, I want an office job”, 2 months later the restaurant closed, leaving myself with no income or savings. That was a scary time, so I decided to apply for student loan and come back to school, 1 year later I was working in a 9-5 office job. I was there for 5 years until I thought “how great would be having a job that pays me double of what I’m making, with flexible schedule, that can be done from home” few months later got that job. 

Did all of this happen overnight? NO. Did it came when I wanted? No. All came in the right time, and I did work to make it happen. The first thing I did was setting up some time to actually THINK what I wanted. Then I write it down, and said it at LOUD, so the universe could hear. Then I make a plan that include small steps that I could take daily to get me where I wanted to be. Going back to school, taking courses, connecting with certain people, pitching, etc.

Manifesting what you want has a process, and you need to learn to enjoy this process, you need to learn how to trust it, you need to pay attention to all the good and the bad that happens during this process, everything has a reason, but most importantly you must trust that the path you’re on will lead to where you need to go. 

When manifesting it is important not only to pay attention in our thoughts but also in our feelings. Feelings have so much power, so much energy, they can bring magic to our lives, or they can slow down the manifestation process. What we need to remember is that feelings aren’t facts. Read that sentence again and let it truly sink in. 

I hope this words can help you to start your own manifestation process, to turn your thoughts into reality!



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