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Top Must Haves For a Relaxing Night In

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Top Must Haves For a Relaxing Night In

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After becoming a mother, most of my weekends are a Night in lol! Friday nights I come home and is a Netflix and pizza kind of night. On Saturdays, I usually will do an activity with the kids, and at night I usually like to put on the bath, some incidence or essential oils, and a good book. I do night at least one night a week with nothing in my mind, it is a way for me to reset. Here is everything you’ll need to create the most relaxing night in.

Step one: CBD Gummies or Wine

I either go with these or a glass of wine. It helped me to truly relax for my bath experience.

Step two: Himalayan Pink Salt

Add some pink Himalayan salt and your favourite skincare into your tub

Step 3: Incience or Essential Oils

I love lavender or anything that helps me to relax

Step 4: Comfortable robe

After the bath you want to keep your body warm and comfy, gift yourself a comfortable robe, believe me, you’ll thank me later!

Step 5: A good Book

Having something good to read after my bath, especially when is something positive or that brings entertain is the perfect close to my stay in night. Stay AWAY from the news, you want to your mind to stay calm and in peace.

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