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How to Let Go and Start Clean

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How to Let Go and Start Clean

how to let go

It’s a new year folks! I usually like to close December with a big cleaning on the old, and January is all about starting fresh, setting up new intentions, new goals, but there are some things are difficult to leave in the past: some feelings, some people, some says, some bad habits, it is not easy to start fresh, it is not easy but also not impossible, so today I want to share with you my biggest tips that I use to let go and start clean, I hope these can help you kick off your 2022! 

Before I share this, please know that you can have all of the knowledge, tools, and tips, but if you don’t work on your mindset, none of these would work. It’s all about managing your mindset, redirecting your focus on the good, take care of your mind, body, and soul, and being consistent with this, with that being said, here are my top tips of how to let go of the past and start the New Year clean:

Have the right tools: I love Lisa michauds planner, as well as the 5 min journal. Essential oils, crystals and inciense. 

1. Change Your Morning Routine

One of my biggest secrets is my morning routine. I see a huge difference when I fall of the wagon with this. The first 30 min of your day, set up your mood. It is extremely important to wake up with a grateful and peaceful mind, specially if you have lots going on during your day. I started the 5 min journal last year and absolutely love it. I also like to do a quick meditation before I jump in the shower, there are several apps to do that, even YouTube. If you don’t feel like writing that early in the morning, do the following exercise:

Close your eyes, take 4 deep breathes, then say this: “Today is going to be a great day” 4 deep breathes, again “Today is going to be a great day”, keep breathing… Now silently ask yourself, “What could go right today?”, keep breathing, now repeat one more time “Today is going to be a great day”. I do this meditation often, as it is very short and love the affirmation! I don’t remember the name of the meditation teacher who shared this in an event, but it has work very good for me when I’m short of time! 

2. Get the right tools

I love Lisa michaud planner, as well as the 5 min journal. Essential oils, crystals and incense. I also have a book with lots of affirmations that I like to read daily. if you are looking for a planner I cannot say more good things about Lisa’s planner, It includes absolutely anything you need to be organize, and positive during your day. 

3. Make a plan for you mind, body and soul

Moving our bodies it is so important! You don’t need to sign up for the Gym, you can do a happy dance in your living room, you can go for a walk, find wherever makes you happy, and do it, but do it daily, that’s why is so important to do what we like not what would work to burn calories. If your focus is losing weight, and you do something you don’t enjoy, there is going to be a big chance you’ll give up, but if you find a way to move your body doing something you like, this can be dancing, swimming, hiking, anything, it would be easier for you to be consistent.. but moving our bodies is just one part, it is equally important to take care of your physical body as it is taking care the inside, they both go together. Practice meditation, find books or audiobooks that you know will bring happiness to your soul, make a list of activities and people that lift you up and surround your life with these! 

4. Manifest

If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m obsessed with manifestation. I started this practice since I was 15 and it ALWAYS works. Know that things might not come in the time we want but they will come in the right time and the right form. I like to make a board, and look at that board and sintly say thank you to God, and the universe for giving me everything my soul and hear desires. It is important to say it as you already have it. Make a board with pictures of your desires and go to that board DAILY.

5. Boundaries

These are extremely important to keep us sane, and also, the only way to make/do everything we want. Think about boundaries you want to set up this year, and stick to them. Remember that your biggest commitment should always be your happiness and peace.

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