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If you don’t love yourself, nothing is going to be enough

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If you don’t love yourself, nothing is going to be enough

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Last night I was reading some comments in one of those Mom groups on Facebook, some moms were sharing their struggles on losing weight, and that reminded me that I haven’t share much about my own struggles with health and wellness. Here is some of the struggles I have faced:

At age 5 I wasn’t allow to eat certain foods because I needed to watch my calories. Forget about chocolate milk!

At around 14 I discovered Atkins, that and diet pills became my addition. Whenever I wasn’t feeling pretty because of my weight, I would go rapidly start Atkins and look for my pills. 

At Around 18 liposuction but that didn’t make me feel skinny enough, I needed more, so I decided to sleep with shapewear. My organs didn’t feel squeezed enough so I decided to add 2 small towels in each side of my waist to make it even tighter, because who cares about organs, “nothing taste as good as skinny feels”-Kate moss 

At 27 I discovered that everything I knew about health and wellness was all wrong. I was actually sick. It was all a bunch of stories based in someone else fears, and I started the journey of having to unlearn everything I knew, and learn again so I wouldn’t pass this toxic culture to my kids. 

At 35 I’m still struggling with those triggers here and there, specially when I spent time with people who are still in that chapter, but thankfully, I have enough knowledge now and I surrender myself on/off line with people who pass for similar struggles, and that makes it easy for me to rapidly overcome them. 

But the future looks brighter.. my daughter already have a very different experience than the one I had.. she is growing seeing models of all sizes, colours, shapes. She can see all the different forms of beauty in advertising and tv. Is not 1 standard like the one I grew up.. the world is changing.. and I’ll make it my mission to teach her what it took me 27 years to learn, which was that no matter what diet, exercise, pill, method, etc. You use, if you don’t love and respect yourself in this moment, nothing is going to be enough.



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