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How to Become a Successful Influencer

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How to Become a Successful Influencer

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Let me starts with a shocking fact : You don’t need to have 1K followers on Instagram to be an influencer and make big impact in peoples lives.

You can be working in a home care helping the elders, you can be working full time helping immigrants when they just arrive to a new country, you can be fostering kids, you can be doing so many things in your daily life that make you people of influence and make that impact on people lives. If you are a mother, you are already an influencer in your kids lives and whatever you said and do is going to be a big impact in their future.

Social media does help to reach out masses if you want to spread a message, but it is not the only way to become a successful influencer and it is important for us to remember that so you can know that you can start making impact right now. 

Here are 5 of my best tips of how to become a successful influencer

1-Listen: if we want to create change we need to start listening and listening well, so we can educate ourselves in whatever we need to, so we can help others.

2-Ask questions: you want to make people feel heard, and if you really want to help them you want to go in deep with their fears, challenges, and thoughts so you can understand how to serve them better. 

3-Define common ground: is there a connection between you two?  Have you experience what they are experiencing? Do you have a relatable story?

4-Live your life as an example. How can you tell them how to do things if you haven’t done it before? I was telling my daughter not to be scared of ski this past weekend, I told her she needed to go down the hill, so she looked at me and asked me if I would, so I did. Lead by example. Show them how is done.

5-Know that not everyone would feel attracted to you and that is ok. You can have all the intention to help, you can be extremely well skill, but there is something about energy and connection. If they don’t connect with you, it is ok to let them find whoever they feel attracted to and this would not mean you are not good enough, remind yourself this. 

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