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How To Boost Your Instagram Engagement Organically

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How To Boost Your Instagram Engagement Organically

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Instagram game is strong lately, and things are changing daily. These are the tips that I’ve been using for the last year and have bringing the best organic results to boost my engagement and following.

1️⃣ Engage, engage, engage. The more you engage, the more people would come and visit your profile and return the favour. Like their pictures, comment on their pictures, jump into their DM’s. Another good tip I learn is to tag people who has my target niche on my photos, so I can appear on their profiles too. 

2️⃣ Captions and call to action. People tend to read what you want to say more when you have a catchy caption. How to.. 5 things.. and always add a call to action to continue the conversation.

3️⃣ Reply to all the comments within 30 min. A lot of people said this is not truth, however, I see a difference when I do this, so I believe in this.

4️⃣ Cross Marketing: You create good content? Share your post on your stories, create a reel, share it on Pinterest, Twitter, everywhere with a link to your Instagram (if this is your main platform)

5️⃣ Check your insight. You can find the best time to post there, what is performing what is not and how many follows you received.

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