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Winners of the 12 Days of Christmas

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Winners of the 12 Days of Christmas

Athenas Angulo

The day is FINALLY here!! We are about to find out who the lucky winners of Santa Athenas 12 days of Christmas giveaways are!! Are you excited? I am!!!

Before I go to the details, I want to quickly thank each and every one of you for your continued support and encouragement this year and I hope this campaign brought some joy to you, as you know, I do not generate any revenue for all the work involved in this campaign as I asked the sponsors to put everything on the prize for the winners to enjoy.

Also, I want to give a big shot out to my sponsors that besides what is happening they were all in supporting me with this campaign. The majority are small business which makes this even more awesome! 

Alright, ta ta tan!!!! Let’s find out the 13 Lucky winners! (YES, I did a bonus giveaway on my Instagram, so if you are not following me yet, I’ll have some extras giveaways from here to January)


Day 1 Water St. Café 

Winner: Sarah Alexis via Facebook

Day 2 Deux par deux 

Winner: @sribeegee via Instagram Stories

Day 3 Beauty Counter and Goalden Girls

Winner: Adriana Carvajal via Instagram

Day 4 Shops at Morgan Crossing

Winner: Daniela Figueroa via Email subscriber

Day 5 Natures Fare Markets

Winner: Claudia Andrews via Facebook

Day 6 Sandman Hotels

Winner: Our Little Soap via Instagram Stories

Day 7 Presidio and Donakins Blankets

Winner: Lorra Bromley via Instagram 

Day 8 Precious by Flo and Liz Ehrenberg

Winner: Rachel Dailly via Instagram stories

Day 9 Tony Z Team Real Estate

Winner: Jennifer kirk via Instagram

Day 10 The Local Space and Team Van

Winner: @Briii_ee via Instagram

Day 11 Art of Marina and Love Powered co

Winner: Olivia_rose27 olivialtuck – Instagram stories

Day 12 Sephora Giftcard

Winner: Karen Sangha via Instagram

Day 13 Twenty Eight North, Be Pure to you, Presidio and Linda Hollyer

Winner: Danny.vandop via Instagram

Winners can contact me to claim at

And if you don’t see your name on this list, you might want to watch my instagram stories this Thursday December 17, as at the end I’ll have a little surprise for you.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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