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9 Latinas Influencers in Canada to Follow on Instagram

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9 Latinas Influencers in Canada to Follow on Instagram

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When I started doing my research trying to find fellow Latinas in Canada that are doing Instagram as a business, it cost me a good 3 days research. There was not a single article written about us, and honestly, I wasn’t surprise. Influencer Marketing it is not the most diverse, at least in Canada.

With all the black lives matter movement, I see a lot of people trying to add more diversity to their Instagram feeds, so meet a few fellow Latinas living in Canada who are putting her heart and soul on Instagram, show them some love and tap that follow button!

Heydy Lopez  @heydylopez (Guatemala-Calgary)

Heydy was the first mom blogger I started to follow. Her realness and personality makes this influencer a favourite! Heydy immigrated to Canada in 1993 with her family from Guatemala. They were first generation to set roots in Canada. She is a big supporter of small business and friends with many! She shares her passion for travel, photography, motherhood and self love!

Diala Canelo. @dialaskitchen (Dominica-Toronto)

Diala is the author of Diala’s kitchen, a book with plant-forward and pescatarian recipes inspired by home and travel. 

She moved to Canada in 1997 and also lived in Mexico City for 3 years. Her feed is FULL of delicious and nutritious recipes for you to make!

Hey Maca  @heymaca  (Venezuela-Quebec)

Maca shares her love for Interior Design and DIY! She is a mother, foodie, travel and confetti expert. Her feed is very colorful and happy, like Maracaibo (Venezuela). It is a way for her to remember her roots and represent Venezuela! If you are in need of serious interior design inspo, give this girl a follow!

Mary @maryinvancity (El Salvador-Vancouver)

latina food instagram

Mary shares her love for food and take us to explore the best restaurants around metro Vancouver! Her love for good food comes from his dad, who used to describe every single dish! Get ready for some food porn Inso!

Daniela @mylifestylememoir (Venezuela-Calgary)

Born in Venezuela, moved to Canada a very young age, she started her influencer career while living in London. If you like pink, you will LOVE her dreamy feed! She features travel inspo and photography! You might already be following her, but if you’re not, smash that button!

Angela Van Tijn @onesmileymonkey (Venezuela -Vancouver)

Angela is celebrating her 10 years as a blogger this month! She is a busy mother of boys, sharing lifestyle and city life content!

Carolina @ninaonthemoon. (Honduras-Vancouver)

First generation Honduran-Canadian. Nina shares about cultura, food, travelling, and the journey of raising bilingual kids. I warn you that you’ll be stopping in every single pic of this feed!

ME-DUH Athenas Angulo @athenasangulo (Mexico-Vancouver)

I’m a Mother, Marketing strategist and content creator. On my feed I share my journey to motherhood and wellness, some marketing tips and lifestyle.

Melissa D. @melis.vida (Peru-Toronto)

Melissa feed is full of lifestyle content. From motherhood to wellness, fashion and more!

 Cheers to my Latino gang!



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