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What To Read This Fall

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What To Read This Fall

what to read this fall

Hello All! I hope this pandemic is treating you well lol! Today I want to share with you what I’ve been reading during this pandemic.

My love for books started since I was a child when I received my firsts ever book: “The little prince”, I grew reading daily, but since became a mother and started this blog, I stop doing it. Thankfully, this pandemic brought so many good things for me, one of them being having more self care and free time.

I had so many books gifted to me in the past 3 years, so I was very excited to finally have the time to read them. I finished 4 books so far in the last 2 months!

I like reading all type of books, from education to love stories, so in this list you’ll find a mix of everything! Here it is what I’ve been reading that I would recommend for you for this fall:

For the business women:

Letters to my daughters: I won this book in a giveaway at the vancity business babes event, and it came to me just in the right time. As some of you know I just opened a new business, a lifestyle online store in partnership with small businesses around Canada and Latin America. I have to be since here: I don’t know anything about business lol! So this book was perfect for me to get lots of tips and tricks, from marketing to sales.

For the spiritual:

The White Hot Truth: If you are not following Danielle Laporte on Instagram, do yourself a favor and do it. I attend one of her speakers events and felt in love with her! She gifted the audience this book and I can’t believe I didn’t read it before. I love how down to earth she is, and her sence of humor. 

For family activities:

Hikes for Families ( A guide to the Canadian Rockies): My family and I are truly enjoy being outside. This book highlights the best hikes around the beautiful Canadian rockies. And it was written by one of my favourite mom bloggers @borntobeadventuours. Just with the name of her Instagram handle you can imagine what that account is all about!

For love stories:

Alexander and Tatiana: This is my all time favourite love story. I don’t know why I’m always so attracted to love/war stories, but if you like 50 shades of grey, you are going to love this book LOL!!! It is between love and porn book hahahaha 

For visualization:

The awakening: This is all about positivity and law of attraction. I’m so into this subject because I do have had results everytime I practice this. 

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